Wait for it!

How many times a week, a day, an hour do you have to wait for something?

And if you have children, how many times do you have to make the statement, WAIT!

Recently, I was reflecting on my childhood and we spent many hours, days, weeks waiting.

Life was slower back then, options were limited, we didn’t run around so much, we used our feet or bikes.

We didn’t have computers or cell phones, we were lucky to have a radio and a television. Yes, one television in the house!

I remember having a radio of my own when I was 11 or 12 and was so happy to have it!

So go ahead and wait for it. Sometimes the waiting is the best part!

Whatever happened to the TRUTH?

Democrat, Republican or Independent, we’re ALL Americans!

I remember when we were all Americans and we ALL loved our country, and demonstrated our patriotic duty and we’re darn proud of it! It seems though we have become more polarized and less patriotic!

Could it be the 24/7 news cycle? I do think news stations have stopped reporting news and seem to prefer writing their own stories and discussing their opinions on the 24/7 channels.

Imagine reporters reporting the news and VERIFYing the story BEFORE going on AIR!

Follower or Contrarian?

I have become a contrarian over the years, my dad had those instincts and I guess I picked them up from him.

What does it mean to be contrary? One of the best Webster definitions is “being not in conformity with what is usual or expected.” Not going with the flow, not believing every thing you read or hear. Judging for yourself, researching and finding the answers for yourself. Seeking the truth!

In today’s world information is abundant but is it true and reliable? It’s easy to read the paper or watch the news or listen to someone give their opinion on what ever; gardening, buying a car, politics, religion or money? But you have to decide if is it true? Is this information valid? Am I able to take this information and believe in it? Utilize it?

Why does it matter? It matters because as we raise our children to think for themselves and to create their own families we want them to live in a society with morals and values that encourage life and the pursuit of happiness.  Truth needs to be understood and mastered by the people. If society is built on lies, it is like a house built on cards that will eventually crumble.