Why does legendary service matter?

Whenever I shop, at the mall, at the grocery store, on the phone I find customer service is not providing me the experience to return to them and to be loyal to them. Amazon is hurting more and more retail sectors because they are adding additional items, shoes, clothes and now automotive parts. It’s really a very simple equation to give those that support your business a kind word, a thank you and to find other ways to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated. Some small businesses do this well, they send thank you notes and reminders, they remember you as their customer.

I have over 25 years in retail management, providing customers with an excellent experience in service was the pillar of my expertise as a manager Рand I find less and less businesses offering great service these days. Imagine utility companies, refuse companies, doctors offices to care for you as much as they care for your money, I bring this up because no matter what career you are in, you must know what legendary service is and provide it to your customers.

Why does Amazon do so well? They have built a system to ge the goods to you quickly and in an efficient way. They don’t schmooze and they don’t reward, except they do try to offer additional services their subscribers want.

Is it because we¬†the consumer don’t care about it? Is it that we don’t want it? Or are the big companies cutting back to make bigger profits? Whatever it is, if you don’t like it, let them know, if you are happy with their service, let them know as well.

For the girls in your life – encourage them to THINK BIG!

I see the numbers, they say the job numbers have improved and employment is down to 5.3% but what type of jobs are they?

I’m pretty certain the parents in Loudoun County want their children, sons and daughters to reach for the stars and become responsible, independent, resourceful adults. Girls will spend much of their lives working and we want to help them make choices to create a life that encourages their passion and earn a living wage that allows them to be financially independant. While more girls attend college and receive their degrees and even go on for graduate degrees they are not seeking STEM degrees as much as the boys. The reason this is an issue? The sheer number of jobs in these areas continues to grow and we have to bring non-Americans into our country to fill the positions. Why not encourage our girls to reach for these high paying jobs?

Opportunities are endless in STEAM careers, they are good paying jobs that offer challenge and excitement and in 2015, 2019, 2023, most good jobs require skills and that means technology. So if you passion is art, math, science you will be using technology. If you have an expertise and add a degree in a technology area you will find awesome opportunities at home and abroad.

If you are a woman in STEAM and want to connect with other women in STEAM, please reach out to me. We’re looking to assist girls to see their dreams in opportunities in STEAM. If more girls chose careers that enabled them to be financially independent, I think they would make different choices and there might be less drama for women in general.If you have a STEAM business and want to share what you do with girls, please email me at mg@maryannglueckert.com

Tinkering; Do you do it? Do you encourage your kids to tinker?

I keep hearing this work, “tinkering” as a “new term” but really its what many of us did as kids and apparently researchers have determined it needs to be brought back and I get it! Kids no longer have time to hang out and mess around like they did when I was a kid – parents beware – you can change this!

How you say? Encourage your children, girls and boys to tinker with legos, electronic equipment, computers, craft materials, sewing, painting, whatever medium they like! If its broken let them open it up and check it out! Of course, make sure its unpluged so they don’t get hurt. If they find a real interest there are places they can go to learn more if you can’t help them yourself. You might even find it fun and take some classes too!

Have you heard of Tech Shop in Ballston? Check it out! Here’s the link http://techshop.ws
In Reston you can check out – Nova Labs – http://www.nova-labs.org/
And coming in Loudoun is http://www.Makersmith.org

Tinkering, sewing, painting are all processes that encourage children to THINK. Its so important that on the Common App, student with Makers experience will be able to share that, check it out at http://www.slideroom.com/blog/Maker_portfolio.html

In 2015, students can be whatever they want to be, they can choose traditional education or non – traditional education and this is fantastic.

Summer Camps for career choices

When my daughter was in third grade she went to horse camp, Camp Rim Rock! she loved it and went back for several years, lots of fun, camaraderie and things to do that she would not not ordinarily get to do. This is what summer camp is about, a way for children to glimpse into other areas that may or may not interest them. For children that don’t have a strong interest in any one thing going to camps that offer lots of things to do, even things they may not want try because when their peers try them and love them, they might too.

As she grew older, we tried, modeling camp, design camp, interior design camp, these were dream careers, but she realized through this process they weren’t her dreams.

I wish then I knew about camps that offered robotics, programming and gaming as they would have surely been enlightening to her and may have sparked the technology bug earlier giving her an edge in todays world.

In today’s world every child needs to be enlightened by technology and the careers they might dream of…lipstick engineer? The thing is that your 8 or 9 year old couldn’t possibly know what they might want to do when they are 22 because many of the jobs haven’t been created yet. So go ahead and find a summer camp that is out of this world, off the charts and gives your student a new dream!