When I think about expectations, I think the most important issue is to be sure every stake holder has a good vision and understanding of the expectation.

We all need to understand expectations, for me as a wife and mom, as a friend, a neighbor and as a child of God. If we understand the expectation, we can meet and exceed the expectation for those we love. Today, I’m writing about expectations because when they aren’t met, when one decides to ignore them, or discards the need for them often chaos follows.

Clear expectations for family, friends, employers and employees allow us to exceed the expectation which honors the person and more importantly our maker, Jesus Christ.

Taking time to help your children understand expectations gives them the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. I think the best thing I ever read as a parent was that we are not raising children to be children but to be responsible adults. I think it starts with expectations, oh sure things one step forward, one step back, but in the end if you set the expectations, they will strive to exceed and succeed.