Do You Like Legendary Service?

In today’s retail world service of any kind is very hard to find. Oh sure there are a few notable names, Tiffany’s, Chef Geoff’s and Palio’s. I’m sure if I think about it I can find more but for now lets consider that the playing field is wide open for opportunity and you would like to capture a bigger slice of the pie!

There are a few things you can do today in your business to make your customers aware that you really care about them.

1. Answer the phone before the third ring with a message that every employee uses. For example, Thank you for calling us today, we appreciate your business.

2. Greet every person that enters your establishment within 20 seconds…everyone gets a Hello or Welcome!

3. Thank every person that leaves your business, thank you for stopping by!

This isn’t being done in most established businesses today, you can walk in and out of many businesses and never see anyone or hear from anyone – as a potential customer, I think many prospective customers think, why bother going in there?

You can change the way you are perceived!